Nokia Cracked Screen Repairs & Replacement-Chennai

There could be quite a few problems with Nokia Smart Phone LCD/LED Screen.Some problems can be fixed while others would require a Nokia Smart Phone LCD/LED Screen replacement. It is significant to make a diagnosis of the problem you experience before taking a decision as to fix or replace your Nokia Smart Phone Combo Display Digitizer touch Screen. Please Call us at +91-9940-697969.

  Nokia Display Repair and Replacement

Like mentioned before, for an Nokia,Nokia screen repairs are the most common type of faults that we receive. A typical Nokia screen has three parts

1.Top Glass Screen– The Nokia top Glass or the Front Glass is a protective cover of the components below, which are the digitizer and the LCD/LED.

2.Digitizer – The Nokia Digitizer is responsible for its amazing touch.

3.LCD/LED – This is the part, which displays the picture in your Nokia

  • Nokia smartphone Black or blank screen
  • Nokia No video issues
  • Nokia Fuzzy text, blurry or stretched images
  • Nokia Brightness, contrast, or geometrical problems
  • Nokia Horizontal or vertical lines
  • Nokia Bright or dead pixels
  • Nokia Black splotch with white sections
  • Nokia Diagonal or jagged lines
  • Nokia display is dim Display Issues
  • Nokia Continuous flickering of the Display
  • Nokia Backlight problems
  • Nokia Distorted, scrambled or garbled video
  • Nokia Lines appear or incorrect colour
  • Nokia Vertical lines in the display
  • Nokia Solid horizontal green line
  • Nokia Resolution too low